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  • TEDxStendenUniversity 2016: Without Borders (21st April, 2016, Stenden University, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands) 

 LOGO 2016

Speakers of TEDxStendenUniversity 2016

Erik op ten Berg: 'Creativity without borders' 



Alexandra Dobriyanova: 'It's a trap'


Niek van del Adel: 'My roadmap to success'


Klara Menzel: 'The obsession with healthy eating'


Rick Robijn: 'Stay true'


Jan Portheine: 'The Cardboard Revolution'


Dr. Adam D. Wexler: 'The bridge between water and life'


Hans de Wilde: 'Singing Workshop' 


Dance Group of the Friesland College Leeuwarden: Improvisational dance 


  • TEDxStendenUniversity 2015: The Perfect World (4th June, 2015, Stenden University, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)

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Tedxstendenuniversity2015illustration 02

This is Jay Henriquez's sketch of the day; a combination of all the topics of the talks put in one illustration. 

TEDxStendenUniversity 2015: Aftermovie 


Speakers of TEDxStendenUniversity 2015

Arjan Postma: 'Surprises and misconceptions about nature'


Amina Al Maawali: 'The unknown power of women'


Albert Kooy: 'Is 'healthy food' healthy?'


Shekib Omran: 'Facing the storm'


Huck Middecke: 'Survival lesson #1'


Maria Koijk: 'The art of waste' 


Dirk Dijk: 'War against poverty' 

Performances of TEDxStendenUniversity 2015

Samantha Trinidad: 'The perfect world: reality check' 



Daniellle Terpstra: 'Healthy Lifestyle'