The programme is published!

Sun 07 May 2017

The organization team of TEDxStendenUniversity2017 can finally reveal the programme of the 5th edition of TEDxStendenUniversity, coming on the 18th of May! 


15:30        Registration

16:00        PART I

                  TEDx talk Emma Simpson

                  TEDx talk Rick de Jong and Bram Thomassen

                  TEDx performance Jasper Reitsma

                  TEDx talk Wang Jia

                  TEDx video Robert Waldinger

                  TEDx talk Katrin Bünker

18:00        Break

19:00        PART II

                  TEDx talk Patrick van Hoof                                         

                  TEDx talk Lena Oliver

                  TED video Greg Gage

                  TEDx talk Jacquelien Willemse

                  TEDx performance Rich Magic

                  TEDx talk Victoria M. Thomas

21:00         The End


In case of questions or ambiguities, please do not hesitate to ask and contact 

We are more than happy to answer you as soon as possible.