Partners of TEDxStendenUniversity2017


This year’s TEDx event at Stenden University is organized in cooperation with D’Drive, which is a part of the Frieslandcollege in Leeuwarden. 

D’Drive is a school that is combining creative work with pedagogical education and is supporting TEDxStendenUniversity2017 by the means of filming the event and regulating the sound and light system. 

Hereby, students who are professionally trained in their specific subjects will work together with the organization team of TEDx at Stenden University in order to make the event as successful as possible. These students are specialized in: 

  • Light techniques
  • Sound techniques
  • Stage techniques
  • Film and Media

These students will support the TEDxStendenUniversity2017 event by taking a part in the organisation process and creating a succesful event for our audience!